EFGC175 LandMax Flail Mower


EFGC175 LandMax Flail Mower


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Product Description

–Perfect for use after storm when debris is scattered throughout areas usually maintained with normal mowers
–Ideal for thick grass, sticks, undergrowth and light vine mulching
–Vegetable & pasture topping
–Roadside maintenance


–Cutting height controlled by adjustable skids
–High strength mulching blades
–Belt driven
–Safety flaps to prevent debris being thrown
–Extra strong and designed with safety in mind
–Support leg for storage
–Solid hitch


The EFGC models are stronger and more powerful for maintaining more rugged landscape areas including heavy grasses, storm debris, sticks, vines and more around farms, properties, parklands and roadsides.


1. 50HP heavy duty Gearbox

2. Hammer / Universal blade for grass

3. Cat. I universal  three-point hitch cardan shaft.

4. Hammer/Y blades



Standard Hammer Blade               Optional ”Y” Blade


Model EFGC105 EFGC125 EFGC145 EFGC155 EFGC165 EFGC175
Cutting Width 1050mm 1250mm 1450mm 1550mm 1650mm 1750mm
Rotor Speed 540rpm 540rpm 540rpm 540rpm 540rpm 540rpm
Hammer Blade 16 20 24 24 28 28
 Y Blade 32 40 48 48 56 56
Weight 196kg 225kg 255kg 270kg 285kg 300kg
Tractor HP 20-30hp 25-40hp 35-45hp 40-55hp 40-55hp 45-65hp


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