SG24 LandMax Stump Grinder with 1.3m PTO


SG24 LandMax Stump Grinder with 1.3m PTO


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Product Description


Recommended HP 30-50

Maximum HP 60

Hydraulic GPM 5-20

Rotor Size 24”

Number of Teeth 34

Tooth Construction Carbide steel bolt-in

Cutting Wheel Speed 810 RPM

Cutting Height 18” above ground

Cutting Depth 8” below ground

Maximum Cutting Depth (per pass) 6”

Maximum Horizontal Cut 22”

Swing Arc 65°

Hub Torque 803 ft. lb.

Over Torque Protection Slip clutch

Hitch Category Cat. I or II

Remotes Required (hydraulic) 1 or 2

Requires12 Volt DC No

Input Speed 540



External Control

Replacement Teeth (each)

Factory Installed Couplers