LandMax TTWC2.5 Self Loading Log Trailer


Perfect for recovery from thinning or wind fall medium size trees Several sold for transportation and laying out posts and shelter belt poles. The loading crane, included as part of delivery, has a swivel range of 270 degrees and a maximum reach of 3.2m. At the maximum jib length of 3.7m, the crane has a lifting capacity of 300kg. The crane has a hydraulic grab which can rotate 360 degrees.

LandMax Log Crane with Grapple Rotator


Due to customer demand we have bought in a shipment of the Crane only portion of the log loader trailer This includes the crane to the base plate Engine Oil tank All hoses and controls.

LandMax ZD100 Grapple with Rotator


For rural property owners and those with wooded lots, the log grapple is incredibly useful, offering handy ways to grab and move many things. Designed for ease of use and built for rugged durability.

Temporarily out of stock

New Stock ETA 01/10/24

LandMax Euro Hitch Log Grab


Designed for front end loaders to move logs for firewood and bulk tree waste.

Heavy design for moving posts or strainers in agriculture or horticulture applications.