LandMax SG24 Stump Grinder Pro


Product Description

Stump Grinder Tractor Mounted PTO Drive

The Pro model cuts both ways doubling the work rate


Recommended HP: 30-00

Hydraulic: GPM 5-20

Rotor Size: 24”

Number of Teeth: 54

Tooth Construction: Carbide steel bolt-in

Cutting Wheel Speed: 810 RPM

Cutting Height: 18” above ground

Cutting Depth: 8” below ground

Maximum Cutting Depth: (per pass) 6”

Maximum Horizontal Cut 22”

Swing Arc: 65°

Hub Torque: 803 ft. lb.

Over Torque Protection: Shear Bolt

Hitch Category: Cat. I or II

Remotes Required (hydraulic): 1 or 2

Input Speed: 540


External Control

Replacement Teeth (each)

Factory Installed Couplers


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