LandMax UFO60 Swing Mower


Product Description

UFO60 Swing Mower


Working width 600mm

Working rated pressure 25MP

Motor displacement 14ml

Maximum motor speed 4000rpm

Weight 75KG

Blade number 2

Mowing around trees, fence posts or low hanging branches.

Rubber touch pad with fully rotating head to limit damage to trees. Adjustable mowing heights and angle to set up on your mower.

Intuitive floating disc design for cutting around obstacles. Heavy-duty, built for New Zealand conditions.

Swing arm mower to make mowing around tree trunks, hedges and vines a breeze without damaging the obstacle in question. The unit utilises a rubber wheel on a UFO swing arm which rotates and deflects the swinging arm and its cutting blade away from any obstacles it contacts. As soon as the spring loaded swinging arm passes the obstacle it automatically returns to its original position. The simple design allows for mowing under fences and right up to trees and posts from the comfort of your tractor.

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